Pipeline Equipment Division

Pig Launcher / Receiver

Pig Launcher and Receiver are custom manufactured for sub-sea, off-shore and onshore applications

Flow Tee / Barred Tee

UDKAM’s Flow Tee is designed to allow maximum fluid flow through a branch connection as a pipeline

Monolithic Insulating Joint

UDKAM Monolithic insulated Joints are available in sizes ranging from 2” NB to 48” NB and pressure

Hot Induction Bend

Hot metal bending is a process by which metal, in the form of tube, pipe, bar, or rods, is softened

Pig Handling System & Jib Crane

When pigs are introduced into a pipeline, for smaller line sizes and associated conventional pigs

Anchor Flanges

UDKAM Designed Anchor flanges are used to restrain pipeline movement caused by thermal