About Us

Welcome to UDKAM

UDKAM is a process engineering company offering an extensive range of projects, equipment and innovative process solutions based on advance technology and a real understanding of customer needs in the Oil, Gas, Power, and Fertilizers & Pipe Line Project.

UDKAM vision is to provide highly energy efficient and cost effective Projects & Equipment for Oil, Gas, and Power & Pipe Line Projects across the globe through development of latest technologies through Innovation Centre.

We understand the need of the customers, who are under increasing economic competitive and regulatory pressures and partner with them to design and deliver the most reliable, efficient and innovative solutions for the process and overall project implementation.


UDKAM PROCESS EQUIPMENT INDIA PVT. LTD. is An ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 18001: 2007 certified company and established by Oil & Gas Professionals having more than 15 years of experience in Oil, Gas, Power Industry, Transmission Lines, Substations. Company has got vast experience in the field of Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Testing, Supply, Erection and Commissioning of Pressure Vessels, Knock out Drum, 2/3 Phase Separators, Filter Separators, Fuel Gas Conditioning System, Gas Dehydration Unit, Water Bath Heater, Nitrogen Generation Skid, Pig Launcher & Receiver, Pig Handling System, Jib Crane, Flow Tee, Barred Tee, Monolithic Insulating Joints, Anchor Flange, Inlet Manifolds, All Type of Strainers i.e Y-Type, T-Type, Conical, Basket, Simplex & Duplex, Continuous Drainer and All Type of Control Panels.

Our highly skilled application and engineering team is capable of adapting to the complex requirements of our customers and providing customized, cost-effective and practical solutions. Owing to more than 30 years of Core experience in Oil & Gas Industries, we are well conversant with all major Oil & Gas Codes and standards as well.

We have state of art manufacturing facility in Greater Noida is self-equipped with essential facilities offers quick deliveries, customized designs, competitive prices and superior technical support and highly reliable system in different metallurgy and variety of sizes.

The highest standard of quality is constantly maintained by us. We have earned a reputation as a "preferred vendor" with many of our customers.

We continuously strive to innovate and are actively involved in developing new products and improving services for our customers. Our after sales technical support team is backed by decades of experience in the Oil & Gas Industries.

Quality Policy

UDKAM’s integrated management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management, ISO 14001:2015 for Environment Management Systems and OHSAS 18001:2007 for Occupational Health and Safety Management System.


Our customers demand and warrant a high quality product or service, it is our responsibility to understand them what they want.


Our customers demand and warrant a high quality product or service, it is our responsibility to understand them what they want.


Our quality objectives are to furnish high quality products & service on time at the lowest cost with 100% customer satisfaction. The achievement of such objectives will lead to, customer satisfaction. Once an objective is achieved, it should be recognized and reset for further quality improvement. To reach our objectives, we will have to maintain a constant focus on quality with full dedication & commitment.


Company will strive to grow at the rate of 100% per annum, in terms of turnover from the business of all divisions.

Quality First

It must be clearly understood that we'll not allow quality to take second place behind cost or schedule. All employees have the right to question their supervisor's decisions or actions if they feel that quality is being compromised

UDKAM products are being supplied under various reputed third party inspection agencies approvals. Few of them are given as under:-