Oil And Gas Equipment Division

Pressure Vessels & Tanks

We can design and manufacture Pressure Vessels and Tanks as per ASME SECTION VIII. DIV.1 sizes


UDKAM Designed Strainers are used to remove solids from flowing liquids and are ideally suited

Cartridge Filters and Filter Separators_OK

UDKAM Custom Designed Horizontal double barrel and / or Vertical filter separators are designed

Magnetic Filters

UDKAM Customized Designed Magnetic Filters are used to remove Iron / Ferrous content from

Knock out Drum & Scrubbers

Knock Out Drum and Scrubbers is also called as a vapour-liquid separator which is a vertical

2 / 3 Phase Separators

UDKAM Custom Designed Skid Mounted Oil and Gas separator is used for separating a well

Inline Separators

UDKAM Inline Separators create a centrifugal spinning action that separates out liquid entrainment

Smart Manifolds

We have strategic Technology Collaboration with Russian Company for Design of Smart Maniforlds

Indirect Water Bath Heaters

UDKAM Custom Designed Skid Mounted Water Bath Heaters are Indirect Fired Type Heaters usually

Fuel Gas Conditioning Skids

In Oil, Gas and Power generation industries there is a demand for fuel gas which should be free

Molecular Sieve Based Gas Dehydration Unit

We can Design Molecular sieve based Gas Dehydration Units which is typically used for removal of

PSA NITROGEN Generation Skids

We can design PSA Nitrogen Generator Skid which is used to separate nitrogen gas from compressed

Online Water Flow Meter Skids for Well Testing

We can Design Online Water Flow Meter Skid which is used for removal of solid particles and

Odorizing Skids

Odorization is a technique that is applied for safety reasons to the largest consumer product—natural gas. Since natural gas as